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Say Hello to Pi – Our Solution to a Unique Problem

What is it?

Pi is our new in-Discord solution for timely charting, price and market data, news, and more. However, these functions are not why we made Pi. Running a Discord community comes with some unique problems, such as raids from botnets, and imposters posing as famous individuals or staff members. We discovered that despite Discord’s bans being based on IP, there was no centralized authority to whom you could submit bad actors– so, we decided to create one. The Crypto Blacklist (CBL) is a bold undertaking by our staff to curate a list for other leaders to utilize in their fight against those who would see harm come to their communities, as well as for members themselves to remain vigilant of those who might seek to victimize them.

So where does Pi come in exactly?

When creating Pi, we were keenly aware of others such as Alpha (you may even recognize Pi’s name as another Greek letter) that perform overwhelmingly well in their category, but we wanted something more. Something we could add features to as we see fit, but still share with the world and take their valuable insight into account to develop new features for; something uniquely ours. What sets Pi apart is its direct integration with our Crypto Blacklist (site coming soon). This blacklist consists of known scammers, spammers, and other malicious entities that may attempt to infiltrate an otherwise vibrant community.

What can it do?

The primary functions of Pi are to:

  • Allow integration with the CBL
  • Generate real-time charts from Binance
  • Aggregate price and market data from 100+ exchanges
  • Gather news

And to deliver all of this to you in an easy to use Discord bot. Find more information on Pi’s current functionality in its Documentation.

Upcoming tweaks/fixes/additions

You can expect the following improvements, and many more, throughout the month of February.

  • Transition charts to utilize TradingView (will allow much broader pool of assets to poll)
  • Add option for toggling action taken on join by CBL entry (at present, no alert is made)
  • Sentiment data
  • Fun commands such as a Jargon generator and a Totally Not Cards Against Humanity game

Pi is still in alpha and under heavy active development. Please be patient with any bugs you may encounter; you may report them via our Discord server, or our help desk.

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