Weekly Fortune – December 11, 2018

Bitcoin has continued its fall downward and that has not helped the altcoin market much. Many coins once again are approaching their all time lows which makes for a great time to make some quick profits off the bounces. This weeks article includes two of the coins we believe have the potential for strong bounces. The name of the game lately has been playing the bear market and that is exactly what we are doing here.

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Altcoins Edge – December 10, 2018

Welcome to Pure Investments’ 40th installment of Altcoins Edge. Our team of talented analysts aims to provide you with multiple short-term profitable trading scenarios every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.Today’s installment of Altcoins Edge will feature two top picks. Our team of analysts at Pure Investments have been liaising with each other scouting the market for profitable coins and hunting for potential fundamental and technical catalysts.

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