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All plans marked with an asterisk (*) are accompanied by trading signals via Discord. 
Check the corresponding product page for additional details.

Learning the Ropes

Starting at $4.99/mo.

Many new investors don’t even know how to make their first purchase! Don’t worry, we’ve all started there. Written by our own guru, Miles Black, he will teach you everything he knows about trading! This publication will teach you strategies for trading successfully, learning to read market data, and getting set up.

Weekly Fortune*

Starting at $9.99/mo.

This is a weekly publication focused around swing trading. Swing trades are short to medium term held positions, typically ranging from a couple days to a couple weeks. It’s a great way to trade altcoins, while not dealing with the stress of having to watch your positions frequently as they offer a more set it and forget it approach!

Leverage Trader*

Starting at $59.99/mo.

Whether the market is going up or down, there is a lot of money to be made! Our expert leverage trader has made 3,500% returns in only 2 months during a bear market. Learn how to beat the market and profit no matter what condition the Bitcoin is in. This publication includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin trading signals.

Altcoins Edge*

Starting at $99.99/mo.

If you have ever wondered how Miles has made more than 5,000% returns in under a year, this publication is your solution. Day trading is powerful with a lot of research and practice which our experts will do for you! Subscribe to this publication for frequent trade opportunities throughout the week including live trading signals.

Publications Package

Starting at $149.99/mo.

Gain access to all of our publications for one reasonable price. Subscription includes Learning the Ropes, Weekly Fortune, Leverage Trader, and Altcoins Edge. It also includes all perks associated with each subscription, including alerts for Weekly Fortune, Leverage Trader, Altcoins Edge, and expert portfolio tracking for Leverage Trader.

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