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Trading Courses

$19.99 / lifetime

Let our top analyst teach you a variety of strategies for trading successfully.

  • Video lectures
  • Technique practice
  • Access to team/bot

Weekly Fortune*

$9.99 / month

A weekly publication focused around swing trading and coin reviews.

  • Weekly crypto review
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts

Leverage Trader*

$59.99 / month

Learn to beat the market and profit no matter the condition it’s in.
  • Leverage insight/tips
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts


$99.99 / month

Learn to spot and trade promising altcoins with a seasoned analyst.
  • Altcoin reviews/trades
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts
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Publications Package*

$149.99 / month

Grab a subscription to all of our publications for one reasonable price.

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