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Mudrex helps traders trade while alleviating some of the stress of constantly watching the market by allowing them to build strategies to buy and sell, ranging from simple price action movement and basic indicators, all the way up to multi-tiered and logically complex algorithms.

Historia Network

Historia is a consensus-based, immutable historical record blockchain and masternode system designed for record keeping of current events (future history) with emphasis on absolute accuracy and seeks to prevent all assimilations of falsehoods into the historical record.

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Why Partner with Pure Investments?

  • Affiliate system with 10% kickback for sales completed via link.
  • Dedicated post in #partners channel, and section on upcoming Partners page of main site.
  • Blog post and regular social media features
  • Custom role in our Discord server with color closely corresponding to main color of your project. Ability to set your company name in [square brackets] after your username.
  • Feature your Twitter feed in our social-feed channel within Discord.
  • Regular shares in the advertisement function of our public bot, Pi. Serving over 20,000 users across 35 servers at present, and growing every day. ($20/week promotional equivalent)

What do we expect?

At minimum, we expect all of the following from our partnerships:

  • Banner placement on site/app if available and agreeable.
  • Dedicated post in a partners channel or equivalent.
  • Regular social media features.
  • Custom role in your Discord server.

Additional requests

The below are not stipulations of a potential agreement and denial of these requests do not preclude you from continuing partnership opportunities with us. We would be willing to offer additional retail space in our automated bot advert/monetary compensation, etc. in return for these requests being fulfilled.

  • Discounted or gifted masternode(s) of projects with this implementation to add to our growing portfolio:
  • For projects without masternodes, we would request no more than $50 worth of token to add to our portfolio.

Submit your partnership proposal today

Please include the following information in your message to us:

  • Project/Company name
  • Goal/tagline
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Are you able to meet our minimum expectations for partnership?
  • Do you have any offers or counter offers of your own for us to consider? Let us know.

Please note that while we are always searching for partnership opportunities, filling out this form does not guarantee a partnership with Pure Investments.
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