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January 2019 Updates

Happy 2019 to our Cryptocurrency Community

Over the past month, the Pure Investments team has been working diligently to implement some amazing new features that we’re sure will knock your socks off.. and they’re almost ready for primetime.

Sorry to tease you like that! But, in the interim, here’s a look back at what we actually implemented this month.

Website Theme Overhaul & More

You may have already noticed that our website has received a major facelift, planting her squarely in the modern age of site aesthetics, but that’s not all! You should notice a drastic increase in speed as we have boosted our server’s strength, minified a lot of backend code and removed extraneous functions that bloated the site. We’re confident that your browsing experience on Pure Investments is going to be even better.

Pure Investments: Cryptocurrency Trading Website

Web App Publications Page

In addition to our site overhaul, we have added a Publications endpoint to our public (and mostly FREE!) web app so that visitors and subscribers alike can see our past activity, navigate to specific publications, manage their subscription, and more by following the link associated with that publication. This new page supplements the Publications endpoint on our main site, meaning you can use either without hassle or worry. Check it out below!

Cryptocurrency Trading Publications

Check out our new features and save

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