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February 2019 Updates

Hey there everyone,

It’s time again for the monthly update! Here’s a rundown of what we were up to in February.

Web App

Our web app saw some much-needed bug fixes, upgrades and functionality added throughout the month, including the inclusion of Markdown for our in-app announcements for beautified posts.


Due to the size of our server, it now includes a filter for new users that restricts their access, meaning unsolicited advertisements/spam will be nearly nonexistent. We’ve also added a gambling bot to the #bot-spam channel which rewards you with in-game coins for activity and successful game actions; this bot includes games such as Blackjack and Roulette. There may be future competitions tied to this game, so keep an eye out!

Pi help output


Our beloved Pi saw myriad improvements this month, including the use of TradingView charts for a wider range of tickers, the ability for guild owners to change the bot prefix and other configurations for their server, cryptocurrency Gainers and Losers commands (courtesy of CoinMarketCap), and some fun commands such as a jargon and joke generator.

Learning The Ropes

The last bit of information we have for you today is about Learning the Ropes. As subscribers are already aware, we have discontinued this publication in favor of a series of fully featured courses, available beginning March 7. The courses will cover both introductory and intermediate cryptocurrency topics. All current Learning the Ropes and Publications Package subscribers will be granted access to the course on launch.

We have a lot more in store coming throughout the month, so be ready!

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