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Coinbase Trader – September 24, 2018

So, as I stated last week, BTC was kind of in a “no trade zone” unless one of two things happened. A drop to $6000, at which point I’d be longing. Or a rise to $6800, where I’d be opening up a scalp short, somewhere around $6400 being the target price. Well, we did indeed hit $6800, and if you shorted at $6800 as I stated last week, you had an opportunity to be filled if you had your buys set to get out of your short on the way down. It was a flash dip, but if you had sells scaled every $100 or so, you definitely got filled. If not, you’re likely still sitting in the short or you closed it due to uncertainty. Which is probably what I’d recommend at this point, either make it a stiff stop loss at $6900 and risk that little bit, or just cut roughly even right now to be safe.
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