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April 2019 Updates

Well, I guess it technically already is May.

New Web App

We have a brand new web app in the works, and it is looking spectacular so far. Those familiar with our current app will find similarities between the two, as many features remain the same with some graphical and functional improvements, including myriad bug fixes. Here is a sneak peak to tantalize you a bit. The app launches in a little over a month.

Updated volume tracker to show live charts and sort through data.
Updated signals page includes detailed information and sharing of results.
News aggregator now lets you sort by “Top Sentiment” and share articles on social media.

Town of Bitcoin (Coinhunt game)

We have revamped the games bot in our Discord server to include a built in competition for a special role. This competition resets once per quarter, meaning there are four opportunities to win each year! We will be adding more to the game throughout the coming months, so be on the lookout for updates. Learn more here.

Regular Role

Have you ever seen the glorious soft pink role schmoozing around our Discord server? Did you know that this role gets access to a special room and other goodies?

The Regular role is now available for purchase through our brand new Coinhunt game, Town of Bitcoin for 100,000 Coin. Get earning!

Gains Spotlight

This has been one crazy month for the crypto market, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fruitful for gains. Here’s a showcase of just a few of our profitable calls this month.

Staggering gains of nearly 2900% on XBT – Leverage Trader

Right at the outset of April, we managed to catch the huge spike in Bitcoin across several of our publications. The best return, however, came from Leverage Trader. Subscribers who rode the wave all the way out saw a mind numbing 2831.86% profit depending on the amount of leverage used.

A subscriber and moderator makes 85% on a single trade.

This Bitcoin trade was made near the end of the month, long after the astounding 2000% trades of yore; but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still profit to be made! (And in his sleep, no less)

An Altcoins Edge subscriber takes 71.20% profit on BAT.
A Publications Package subscriber earns back their monthly subscription in a single ENJ trade.
A subscriber earns 61.69% on an ETC trade made in Weekly Fortune.
Wise words and high praise from an Altcoins Edge subscriber.

Below, we have compiled a full chart of all profitable calls this month. Please note that some tickers have multiple calls associated with them, however, the percentage yield in the right column will be the sum of all signals for the ticker.

XBT (Leverage)+3100%
AVG / 30d+110.54% / day

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