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Our Story

Why did we start this?

Pure Investments was founded in August 2017 by two geeks from Massachusetts, Miles and Zeke, who connected over their shared passion for cryptocurrencies, making money, trading, and investing. Since then, it has grown into a vibrant community of over 20,000 traders, educators, investors, writers, enthusiasts, and developers with the goal of ushering in a new era of finance.

We firmly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future of finance and networking — Bitcoin being the start of it all. Blockchain adoption will allow things never previously thought possible such as tracking of personal property, verified voting, information dissemination, and much more, all on a distributed, trustless network.

We strive to provide a quality community experience and will help you learn about finance and cryptocurrency through our easy to use platform. From novice trader just hearing about Bitcoin to experienced trader who has mastered cryptocurrencies, we offer features for all skill levels to utilize, and an active community to learn alongside.

Who Are We?

Zeke Tierkel, Co-founder & CEO
Miles Black, cryptocurrency guru
Miles Black, Co-founder & CMO
Mike Wolf, CBO
Brett Krueger, CTO
William Smith, cryptocurrency expert
William Smith, Analyst
George Ryan, cryptocurrency expert
George Ryan, Analyst

Trading Courses

$19.99 / lifetime

Let our top analyst teach you a variety of strategies for trading successfully.

  • Video lectures
  • Technique practice
  • Access to team/bot

Weekly Fortune

$9.99 / month

A weekly publication focused around swing trading and coin reviews.

  • Weekly crypto review
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts

Leverage Trader

$59.99 / month

Learn to beat the market and profit no matter the condition it’s in.
  • Leverage insight/tips
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts


$99.99 / month

Learn to spot and trade promising altcoins with a seasoned analyst.
  • Altcoin reviews/trades
  • Access to team/bot
  • Trading alerts
cryptocurrency publication

Publications Package*

$149.99 / month

Grab a subscription to all of our publications for one reasonable price.


"I’ve purchased this as I'm new to crypto investments. All Guides are really well written, with good looking HQ images. Nearly all my Questions were answered in “Learning the Ropes”. It was easy to understand for me, and english is not my native language. I recommend you this if you want to get started in crypto investments."
Jens B.
Learning the Ropes Subscriber
"I've been a publication package subscriber for one month now, and oh boy how I'm loving it. The guys behind the publications are talented and always here to help even with my uber noobish questions. I'm making some nice gains thanks to their market analysis, while still learning thanks to the educational publication "learning the ropes". Publications have been extremely valuable to me, and yet their quality is improving from update to update, because of how responsive the team is to subscribers feedback. By far the best 150 bucks I've spent."
Publications Package Subscriber
"If you are looking to boost your portfolio with more than average gains, leverage trading is the way to go. Whether you are trading with 100$ or 1000$ you could expect exponential gains as I and many others have. Lead by an experienced analyst, you could gain knowledge and support from a trust-able source who does the most to make sure your funds are safe. Happy trading!"
Julian U.
Leverage Trader Subscriber
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