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Don’t watch charts all day without understanding what you’re looking at! Learn how to trade, invest, and make money with cryptocurrency through people who have already succeeded, and we will help you learn how to watch the market the right way. Our publications are available in an astonishing number of formats including right here on our site!

Who We Are

We are a lucrative cryptocurrency community. We make money and teach people how. Founded by two early bitcoin investors and blockchain enthusiasts with years of trading experience, the Pure Investments trading and investing community has grown out of Zeke and Miles sharing their cornucopia of knowledge and experiences to make what used to be 10 disciples into over 20,000 like-minded money-making members.

What We Do

Our community is an educational haven for new and experienced traders alike. We have a hard working and vigilant team of professionals ready to educate users on how to trade, provide market insight, and share best trading practices. The cryptocurrency market is a zero-sum game, and while it is easy to make a lot of money, it is easier to lose money. We are here to make sure you are the user that is making money.

How We Do It

With a staff team consisting of day traders, blockchain enthusiasts, and traditional investing professionals, you will never leave Pure Investments feeling confused. With knowledge databases, consistent staff support for any questions you may have, in-depth publications, and fellow community members, your knowledge potential is unlimited. Come learn about bitcoin, blockchain technology, investing, and trading today!

Industry Professionals

Our team has been in the cryptocurrency market since the beginning and have watched cryptocurrency communities rise and fall. Allow us to put our years of experience and understanding to work to give you the trading advice that you need so you can make money and live the rest of your life free!

Impressive Strategies

We have spent the time to build trading strategies that work so that you can run with them and build your own success story. Our cryptocurrency signals yield large profit for any trader from new to expert. Don't believe us? Check out our experts' altcoin portfolios!

The Way You Like It

We provide access to our cryptocurrency publications in nearly every imaginable way. You can receive them via email, SMS, Discord, and even through this very site at the push of a button. In addition, certain publications include live cryptocurrency signals.

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What is Bitcoin?

There are many terms you may have heard friends or family use as they boast about all the money they are making. Blockchain? Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency signals? What do these mean and what do they have to do with trading? Don't know? Don't worry about it! Come on over and we will help you learn all about it, and help you make some Bitcoin along the way!

Meet our team

Learn a little about our professional team of analysts and writers!

William Smith, cryptocurrency expert

William Smith


George Ryan, cryptocurrency expert

George Ryan


Miles Black, cryptocurrency guru

Miles Black


Charles Luizo, cryptocurrency expert

Charles Luzio


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Our Publications

We have a small army of publications we’ve placed at your disposal which cover a wide variety of topics. Here’s some more information on our most popular options. The Weekly Fortune, Leverage Trader, and Altcoins Edge publications include cryptocurrency trading signals. You can also track our expert’s trades and cryptocurrency portfolio through Leverage Trader.

Learning the Ropes

Many new investors don't even know how to make their first purchase! Don't worry, we've all started there. Written by our own guru, Miles Black, he will teach you everything he knows about trading! This publication will teach you strategies for trading successfully, learning to read market data, and getting set up.

Leverage Trader

Whether the market is going up or down, there is a lot of money to be made! Our expert leverage trader has made 3,500% returns in only 2 months during a bear market. Learn how to beat the market and profit no matter what condition the Bitcoin is in. This publication includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin trading signals.

Weekly Fortune

This is a weekly publication focused around swing trading. Swing trades are short to medium term held positions, typically ranging from a couple days to a couple weeks. It's a great way to trade altcoins, while not dealing with the stress of having to watch your positions frequently as they offer a more set it and forget it approach!

Altcoins Edge

If you have ever wondered how Miles has made more than 5,000% returns in under a year, this publication is your solution. Day trading is powerful with a lot of research and practice which our experts will do for you! Subscribe to this publication for frequent trade opportunities throughout the week including live trading signals.

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